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Monday, May 01, 2006

Ok this is what Abhijit Bhattacharya, journalist, CNN-IBN had to say in his blog, about women. Me thinks he shld have been an social anthropologist instead of being a journalist, since he understands women so well.

Thursday , April 20, 2006

We all must have heard of the saying "Behind every successful man, there is a
woman.". And there is tag to it too - "Behind every unsuccessful man, there are
two women.". So, if we go for statistical correlation - success has nothing to
do with women being there with men but failure surely has a strong correlation
to women.

Though often referred to as the "fairer sex" (note the pun),
women have not done much credible in the past centuries, as is usually potrayed.
And it is utter nonsense to believe that men have degraded the status of women
in the society. On the contrary, men, in fact, have toiled hard for the
emancipation of the "woman-kind".

Nature has been cruel (or just) on women too. God, at some
point of HIS creation-spree must have decided to act as a Capitalist and endow
men with power and women with things which have no distant relations,
whatsoever, with power. No wonder, Bill Gates was not born a woman. Neither were
Michael Schumacher or Mahatma Gandhi. (It is a serious nightmare even to
contemplate about them being born as women.).

A certain obsessed lady wrote to me lately saying how
attractive women are and that women are God's most beautiful creation. With due
respect to all Kournikovas and the Bipashas of the world, I think that most of
us would rather prefer to watch the first raindrops of the season disappear in
the sand or the dolphins dancing to symphony than watching malnourished and
"malfunctioned"(wardrobically!!!) women. Methinks, the word 'beautiful' loses
its meaning and essence the moment the word 'women' is pronounced after it. They
are just so oxymoronic.
Women have always been the reason for major fights
and disasters. If we regress the story of Mahabharta and analyze why the epic
fight was fought - we would easily find the reason to be Draupadi (a woman). Ram
fought Ravana for Sita (again, a woman). And we all know what Cleopatra, Helen
and Mata Hari have in common - they were all the reasons behind major historical
fights and wars. Taking a peek into literature - Catherine was the reason why
Heathcliff turned vengeful, Devdas became a deadman because of two women and how Humbert got wiped off because of Lolita. Moving on to films - Caprio dies to
save Winslet from drowning and Raj gets creamed up by Simran's father and his
goons only because he loves her. The examples are innumerable.I need not say

Liberalization. A mantra which women today chant every morning even before waking up. But liberalization from what or who? If women were emotionally and physically strong enough, then am sure they would not have been subjugated in the first place. And subjugation from whom? Men? And to help them out of their subjugation they seek men. That, people, is their game plan - make men fight amongst themselves and get ruined.

Some people love to name achievers. But just to refresh their memories - for every Aang Sang Soo Kyi there are tens of Subhash Boses; for every hundreds of JK Rowling there are hundreds of Paulo Coelhos; for every Marie Curie there are thousands of John Nashes; for every Chris Evert there are millions of Tiger Woods. And I presume that women are intelligent enough to comprehend the difference between one and a million.

If there is anything, which is more complex and complicated than a toad's anatomy - it is the mind of the woman. One moment they plant a peck on your cheek and the very next moment, you feel their knees crashing into your belly. I wrote this blog with a little fear in my mind. I wrote this without my girlfriend's knowledge (I do not need her; she needs me). No, I am not scared of her. Maybe after reading this article, she might kiss me on my cheek. It is the next moment that I fear!!

Ok this one is a comment i posted on his blog in response to the above trash.

I, like, totally agree with you dude, on this one. Things were so much better in the Neanderthal times, when cavemen could just lug their women on their backs and carry them wherever. If she didn't like it, you could, grunt and express your displeasure. If she still didn't like it, you always had the club.

And I don't even understand all their tirades about emancipation and
all that. I mean who cares? They can't even handle power. I mean look at Indira
Gandhi? What was all that nonsense about the emergency? She should have just
behaved like a proper woman of the house and let the men do all the talking. And
I am with you bro, when you silently thank Mr. G that Bill Gates weren't born
women. I mean look at Carly Fiorina of HP. She didn't even have the guts to take
on the all male board members of HP who decided to sack her. I mean how can
anyone stand a wimp like her? Glad even Mahatma Gandhi possessed the double X
chromosome. I mean who cares about the contributions of Sarojini Naidu, or
Kasturba Gandhi or Durga Bhabhi? They were like so marginal and expendable.

And what about all those epic battles that were fought for them? I mean, who cares if history considers the Pandavas and Menelaus (just for the record, Helen's jilted husband) foolish for having fought those battles? Who cares if everyone knows the
reason they fought those battles was to fight for their own 'honour' and not
their wives? Surely you can't take away a man's property and not expect him
to do anything about it? That would be so like a woman! For a man's gotta
do, what a man's gotta do.

And now for the gem! "That, people, is their game plan - make men fight amongst themselves and get ruined". You couldn't be more right. I mean look at all those Ekta Kapoor serials. Aint that proof enough of the ruthless machinations of these women? I think they should just stick to what they do best – kitchen politics, making babies, being sexual objects, gossiping and what have you.

I think you should, like, go back to the Neanderthal times. Because that's where you, truly belong. And be sure to do it before someone realises you are a worm. And that its time to make some wormicelli.

I still think this is some cheap CNN-IBN tactic to gauge the responses of people. But i still don't see an explanation on either his blog or the site.


Blogger the lazy knight said...

is this guy nuts? or did he simply get creamed at work that morning by a female boss? watever may be his reason, all this nonsense that he wrote took me back to my school days, to those silly arguments we would make when we were in middle school whenever a boys versus girl debate would crop up in the classroom. mercifully we left it there itself.
somehow i do not this problem is about nagging housewives, pushy gfs or over enthusiatic feminists. i think it has more to do with a man's inherent discomfort with the female's right to make choices. outcome - u see them being painted as moronic, incapable of being tough and acting as emotional fools.
u can bring ur heroes and in can bring mine; i can argue no one can control a football like Ronaldinho does and u can argue that no man can stand on the balancing beam like Nadia Comaneci did- we can keep throwing snowballs at each other till the time summer comes home and still end with a stalemate...y? simple bcause just like it aint rite to differntiate people on basis of caste its equaly wrong to diffrentiate on basis of sex..celebrate individual achievements, dnt make them stand for a cause they were never meant to represent.
till date majority of Indians
believe Indira Gandhi was thier best ever Prime Minister - y? cause they think she was tough, no nonsense, bold and connected the best with her electorate.
the spark that ignited civil rights agitations in the US was a certain Rosa Parks.. an middle aged woman who refused to bow down before the system...
and people think women are crying wimps? i rest my case.

9:40 PM  
Blogger deamons dealer said...

fortunatly or unfortunatly i think i do happen to know this abhijit bhattacharya or OB as he was better known...had many battles with him on the debating scene of DU...but listening to such comments by him is no completely untidy hideous guy like him surprisingly always had 3-4 gals with him all the time during his college days. no wonder he has no respect for women.
however i do agree with most of ur response.
however this guy deserves more than a mere reply on his blog...perhaps a kick on his balls would be a better least for the sake of cheesy humour that he thinks he posseses

4:19 AM  
Blogger santasizing...Fantasizing said...

I am both shocked..and amused to see a thing like this being written by a guy..infact someone who is a journo..and is a part of a league of some sort of responsible people..
I think the least he deserved is what you replied to him..but i wouldnt change the hideous thought process this man possesses..
Glad you gave him what he deserved!!

11:26 PM  

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